Southern Lehigh School District

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 The Mission of the Southern Lehigh School District,in collaboration with the home and community,is to educate all students to their fullest capabilities so that they may become self-directed learners and responsible citizens in our rapidly changing world by recognizing their individual differences and addressing them through a combination of challenging curriculum and effective teaching and assessment.

About Us

Southern Lehigh School District is presently providing an educational program known for its excellence and forward-looking perspective, which is sensitive to the changing needs of its students. The community, faculty, parents and students have joined together in striving to maintain and enhance that excellence.Southern Lehigh School District will educate all of our students to maximize their potential and to develop personal tools to become life-long learners and productive members of an ever-changing world.Located one hour north of Philadelphia, and two hours west of New York, the Lehigh Valley nestles in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. A mixture of urban quality and collegiate excellence, surrounded by rural serenity and beauty, the Valley offers residents a wide range of opportunities and life experiences.

The focal point of Lehigh Valley is the mid-sized, dual-city complex of Allentown and Bethlehem, having a population of over 100,000. Bethlehem, originally an 18th century Moravian community, still reflects the historic significance of the area's heritage, as shown in its gothic German architecture. Allentown, rapidly becoming known as one of the country's progressive high-tech centers, also is the home of several outstanding private colleges and universities, which is part of a larger consortium including Muhlenberg, Cedar Crest, Lafayette, Moravian, and Lehigh University. DeSales University, a private four-year liberal arts college, is located in the district. There are also four schools in the state university system within 35 miles of Southern Lehigh.New shopping malls, growing light industry, nationally recognized art museums and cultural programs, and lovely rambling parks provide an ideal urban setting for area inhabitants. And yet, a five-minute drive in any direction brings a person out into the beautiful rolling countryside of fields and forests. Unspoiled by modern progress, the Valley reflects the purity and benefits of living in a naturalistic setting. Low mountains, forests and verdant fields provide the population with extensive recreational activities, self-contained within the Valley.

Southern Lehigh School District lies on the southern edge of the Lehigh Valley. Its 48 square miles includes the borough of Coopersburg (population 2,400) and the rural townships of Upper Saucon and Lower Milford. The District, made up of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, plays a significant role in the community. The schools encourage parents an residents to participate in many diversified ways -- from classroom visitations and open houses to working on community projects. Concerted effort is made by the schools and the community to work closely together to provide children with multifaceted opportunities.As the community reflects its values in its strong support of quality education for its children, the school district in turn serves the community in providing the vehicle for this educational excellence.


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Has very good quality teacher/ good techniques for learning

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017
is the best

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Friday, Nov. 10, 2017

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