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Speer Family Farms

Speer Family Farms
5600 Christie Street


Founded on the hard work of Tommy Speer Jr, Wonderland Trees started as a family business in 2008 in Oakland, California. Located first in the Temescal Neighborhood on 51st and Telegraph, and then in Bay Street Shopping Center in Emeryville, we have been proud to grow our family farming roots which begun in the 80s. Recently we were excited to announce our new store location on Park Street in Alameda.

Selling pumpkins started as an idea to mark the coming of our trees, but what we didn't know was that pumpkins would become a staple for the California family and such a fun attraction for children during the festive season

As a proud supporter of local business and employment, all our pumpkins are grown in Northern California. Our Christmas Trees are sustainably farm-raised in Southern Oregon and each tree is hand-picked to ensure superior quality and color standards are met.

Locally-owned and operated, Tommy is raising his two daughters, Angelina and Tatiana, as fourth generation Oakland natives. He is hopeful that both will carry the family business torch into future generations.