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Spicer Orchards

Spicer Orchards
10411 Clyde Rd


The Spicer family has been growing fruit in southeastern Michigan for five generations. The first farm was near Detroit and fruit was taken by horse and wagon downtown. The first market that we have pictures of was located near the corner of Grand River road and Novi road. We have put together a collection of photos taken in the 1950s of our first market in Novi. We hope you enjoy this part of our family heritage.

After I-96 was built, the family decided to purchase a farm in Linden and open a small market. This farm supplied the Novi market with fruit for many years. It is interesting to notice the equipment used during this time period. It is fun to see the advancements in farming, but still maintain the traditions of that family farm feel.

In 1967, the farm in Hartland was purchased and planting for this generation began. Our farm market was first located in a 100 year old barn just east of our present market. We have some wonderful pictures of the first market. An addition was put on to an existing barn and our first donut room was located in the silo. It is fun to notice the old style cars and the unpaved Clyde Rd. The fields all have young, newly planted trees. It is fun to see Mrs. Spicer begin the tradition of hosting young school children and teaching them about life on the farm.

In 1980, the 2nd Hartland market was built at the current location. We have put together some photos to see how traditions remain even as improvement are made in our Hartland years. The present building was designed after an old Victorian carriage house that once stood on the farm. Our building has 10,000 bushel storage, sorting machine, donut shop, bakery, cider mill, winery, and sales room.