Sports and Fine Arts Center

1101 B&C&D Technology Drive

SFAC is the Only Center in the area with such a variety of training offered. We offer both non-competitive technique classes, and, for those interested, competition programs. We teach a progressive format which is based on ability, not necessarily by age. We have classes for preschool (age 3) through adults. We have cut overhead expenses tremendously, which enables us to have a good learning center, without all the stress and financial burden of the larger studio's.

Our goal is for the children to become independent and enter the studio from the lobby. We need them to come into the dressing room on their own, place their articles in a cubby and continue on to class without a parent. We know that this is difficult for some beginners or preschoolers, but soon they will go in on their own. For safety purposes, we can not allow adults or children to freely come and go into the studio area.