St. Joseph Catholic Church

1502 Industrial Street


We, the Roman Catholics of Southwest Louisiana, are a people called by God, to worship Him, to praise His great name and to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to Him through Jesus Christ. Chosen by God and made His own through Baptism, we seek to declare the wonderful deeds of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. We, the faithful of the Diocese of Lake Charles, gathered with our bishop, pledge to carry on the work of Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit by promoting personal holiness for ourselves and increasing the flock under His care.

To fulfill our Mission, we have set the following goals:

To make parishes vital centers of worship, reconciliation, and Christian community.

To teach catholic beliefs, traditions, and values in the context of deepening spirituality and life-long religious education and formation.

To share our faith with all god's people.

To call forth men and women to develop leadership for ministry.

To heal human injustice, to preserve human rights, and to enable the poor to uplift themselves in collaboration with all people of good will.

To foster the understanding and practice of responsible stewardship of our human and material resources.