St. Pauls Episcopal Church

415 El Camino Real

A Strong History In Community Outreach

Under the fourth Rector, the Rev. Alanson Higbie (1961-1979), St. Paul’s directed critical attention to the problems of urban communities on the Peninsula.Mr. Higbie took the lead in forming the county-wide Conference on Religion, Race, and Social Concern.
Members of St. Paul’s joined with those of other Burlingame churches to set up the FISH (Friends in Service to Humanity) program to provide help for elderly, invalid, and otherwise needy persons in the community. St. Paul’s also helped support a Halfway House for released prisoners.
Meanwhile parish life was strengthened by the formation of neighborhood groups. A generous bequest in 1962 by Mrs. Ruth Heimann, made it possible for the church to complete payment for the purchase Heimann Hall as a facility for Christian education, a cooperative nursery school, and meetings for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Changes with the 80s

The coming of a new rector, the Rev. Stuart P. Coxhead, Jr., in 1980 ( 1980—2001) St. Paul’s brought many changes to the life of St. Paul’s.
A number of outstanding women priests served as his assistants. The church focused a good deal of attention on strengthening Lay leadership in many areas of parish life, forming commissions focused on adult education, children and youth, parish life, as well as stewardship, finance, and buildings and grounds. Special attention was given to the development of the music program, long-range planning, and to membership.
In 2001, despite some strong opposition from the community, St. Paul’s became a member of the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN), an ecumenical organization that provides temporary housing in parish facilities for homeless families. Almost 100 members of the parish are involved in this effort.


Following the retirement of the Rev. Coxhead early in 2001, the Rev. Thomas B. Skillings, was called as our new permanent Rector, in April of 2002. We look forward in faith to the exciting future of worship, witness, and service that lies before us.