St. Peter's United Church Of Christ

12 West Sauk Trail

St. Peter's Deutsche Evangeliche Geminde, or German Evangelical Church was organized October 28, 1867. Thirteen German and Swiss families sought to begin a congregation where they could practice their evangelical faith, worshipping in their native tongue. By the early 1910's the original white frame church proved to be too small for the growing congregation.

The present church was dedicated on February 6, 1916. By 1942 the official name of the church had been changed to St. Peter's Evangelical and Reformed Church, and in the early 1960's changed again to St. Peter's United Church of Christ.

To meet the needs of the expanding Sunday School, educational wings were added in 1953 and 1967. The sanctuary is known for its traditional architecture, beautiful stained glass windows, rich wood furnishings and carvings, organ, carillon and even the rooster on the steeple.

Membership has grown from the original 13 founding families to more than 300 families today of many nationalities and backgrounds. The membership is governed by Church Council, with committees and organizations to help perform the work and provide other avenues in which all members can participate.


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