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St Thomas Lutheran Church of Cheboygan

332 S Western Avenue

Who We Are:

St. Thomas Lutheran is a group of Christians who gather to worship and celebrate the risen Jesus the Christ. As such we are a part of a larger family of God that extends around the globe. As believers in Jesus Christ we are called to proclaim the good news of God's compassion for each individual as revealed in and through Jesus' life, his death on the cross and his being raised from the dead, and we are challenged to identify and respond to the human hurts and needs, hopes and dreams in a distinctively compassionate manner.


To build lives and relationships on the Good News of God revealed in Jesus the Christ.


That every member of St. Thomas Lutheran church be a minister who ...

... lives among God's people.

... regularly hears God's Word and shares in the Lord's Supper.

... proclaims the Good news of God in Jesus through the way we speak and live.

... acts in a hospitable caring manner to all with whom we come in contact.

... grows in knowledge.

... strive for justice and work for peace.

Goals & Objectives:

1. Strive for a dynamic worship experience being flexible for today yet grounded in the Lutheran tradition of Word and Sacrament.

2. Explore worship styles and educational opportunities that welcome, feed, nurture, show care and concern for one another.

3. Focus on hospitality as a vital basis for our strength and life in faith at St. Thomas.

4. Act hospitably toward anyone who comes through the doors at St. Thomas.

5. Seek out and help individuals identify their gifts and train new leaders.

6. Strive to preserve and enhance our physical plant.

7. Strive to contribute at least 15% to benevolent causes beyond our budget.

8. Foster connections through the pastors(s), nurture friendships through small groups, care for people in a distinctively Christian manner.

9. Reach out to the people un churched around us.

10. Develop a deep prayer life.