Stamford Public Schools

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Goals :

- The Stamford Public Schools will increase academic achievement of all students by: Providing all students with access to high quality, standards-based instruction that includes abroad array of programs that enrich students' lives Developing and implementing strategies to meet the individual needs of all students,including those who exceed standards and those who are below standards Fostering a learning environment that provides for the physical safety of all students while nurturing independent thinking and the safe expression of ideas.

- The Stamford Public Schools will address the Achievement Gap by: Establishing a culture of high expectations for all students, staff and families Targeting interventions at all schools that have students and/or sub-groups who are not making progress towards State standards, as measured by NCLB Working with students and families to increase student engagement in school, as well as student motivation for success.

- The Stamford Public Schools will increase the meaningful engagement of all families and the community by: Developing a culture of collective responsibility and ownership for student results and wellbeing Developing a shared understanding, based on factual information, of important academic and social issues facing our students Establishing multiple opportunities and mediums for families, community members and schools to communicate

- The Stamford Public Schools will provide all students with a world-class professional staff by: Recruiting, inducting, mentoring and supporting a diverse professional staff at all levels Maintaining high expectations for the delivery of differentiated and standards-based instruction, and supporting efforts to build the capacity of all staff to do so Developing multiple opportunities for staff to engage in collaborative decision making and to grow as instructional leaders in their schools and district-wide.

- The Stamford Public Schools will maintain efficient and effective operations by: Managing fiscal, capital, instructional and personnel resources in a prudent and transparent fashion, which includes increasing alternative sources of funding through state, federal and private grants Evaluating the return on investment for all district initiatives while reporting progress towards benchmarks to the entire Stamford community Continuing to improve the budget process so that it is outcome related and transparent.


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