Stephen F. Austin State University

1936 North Street


Mo Salomon

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Sunday July 8th I dropped of my kid for String Camp, took her to the room where she was going to stay for 5 days and the building floor was dirty and had a mold bad odor, I couldn't breadth, it was bad. someone had left some dirty stinky white socks next to my kid dorm. It might be an old building but cleaning makes a big difference. cleaning makes a big part in life. Later that day we went to Cole Auditorium it was nice and everything but for the amount of people they really need a bigger auditorium. Frida July 13 I went back to pickup my kid, went back to her dorm room and the same dirty stinky white socks still exactly where they were 5 days ago. There was a facility lady guiding the students and I happened to mention her that the dirty stinky white socks that they where still there from Sunday july 8th they still exactly in the same place, I asked her does someone clean this place she said no. and I believe her looking at those conditions. I don't think this place is suddable for my kids. I would not recommend it to anyone either. Something else I like to bring to yout attention is that I bought some water and snacks for my kid turn on the small refrigerator that was in the room, when I went to pickup my kid it was turned off, I opened the refrigerator door and that refrigerator stink so much, I asked my kid why was it turn off and she said the teacher told her to turn it off, I don't understand why why she said to turn it off but that wasn't right, The teacher stayed in the dorm room I'm sure her small refrigerator was on with her favorite drinks and snack. I just think that was very selfish from her part.

Erica Langley

Friday, Dec. 1, 2017
One semester in and I'm running far far away. Sucks every cent out of you. Paid $60 for parking just to have to look for a spot for hours. My roommate went to get food the other day at 11 at night and finally gave up looking for parking at 2am. Getting food right across the road didn't take 3 hours... (more like 15 mins) then got ticketed for parking in a hall director spot for the night because she wanted to go to sleep.. never bring your car here if you're tricked into going here. Also the cafeteria food isn't okay. You're forced to get a meal plan just like you're forced to get a dorm. Any vegetarians beware!!! I've found meat in their vegan options (like a piece of pepperoni on a vegan pizza). Also the dorms you're forced into aren't safe. The bathrooms are small and the vents seem to be moldy or rusty... either way I've stayed away from cleaning that because I don't have the equipment to do it safely. The shower is cramped at best and has long yellow stains and uneven tiles. The walls are thin and you can always hear someone doing something. Don't expect to get any studying done. (Not like you're going to college to study right!?!?)... also expect fines for everything.. they also charge extra money for anything that's remotely convenient. They will screw you over and the education you could get here isn't worth the heartache.. I loved my last college deeply and it did a lot for me... but this just isn't the fit for any self respecting person who wants to get a meaningful degree.

Christken King

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Stephen F. Austin State University is a very exceptional campus, all buildings on campus are well within a five minute walk from one another. The dorms are aged, but function as needed and are well kept by SFASU's on campus Resident Life Operations. The teaching faculty is fair, and all other staff is very friendly and helpful. Overall, SFASU is a great university.

Seema Mehta

Friday, May 11, 2018
Stephen. F. Austin State University is a largely residential, four-year teaching and research university, college located in Nacogdoches, Texas. Offers degrees at bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.

Rashella A.

Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018
The environment is friendly and everyone there is nice & helpful but is not the school for me. Tried to give it a chance but didn't last 4 days simply bc the school is super extra and has way toooo many fees for everything. You basically paying for all the "free" things that the school hype up like "free" tutoring and etc. I stayed on campus and the experience was okay depending on which residence hall you choose. The only thing that upsetted me was the fact they gave me a dirty room and I had to basically do their job. Dorms are crazy expensive here and always check your Ebill on a daily bc the school try to sneak extra charges on you to basically get more money. If you choose to stay on campus and have a car I advise to not get a permit for them bc its a waste of money. SFA can be a serious rip off