Sterling High School District

501 South Warwick Road

Sterling High School we encourage each student to fully realize his or her individual potential. A healthy democracy requires a well-educated citizenry. Our standards are consistent, challenging, and attainable with effort. Our staff provides students with every opportunity to develop a love of learning.

Civic Responsibility

As a comprehensive public high school, Sterling High School bears the responsibility to prepare its students for full participation in the democratic process including, in particular, awareness of historic traditions, civil rights and obligations.

Challing Standards

At Sterling High School we appreciate the diversity of culture and learning styles found in our community. We recognize our students' individual talents and commit ourselves to helping them reach their highest potential.

Educational Programs

Sterling High School instills in our students problem solving strategies which result in lifelong learning. Techniques of cooperative learning and the ability to organize and evaluate data prepare our students to be flexible, continuous learners in a rapidly changing world.


We believe that every individual has an intrinsic worth with a potential contribution to make to society. We demand that each student's worth must be universally respected.