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Stratford Public Schools

1000 East Broadway


To develop a community of learners in which ALL students acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to meet the challenges of a changing and increasingly diverse society.

Goal 1. The Stratford Public Schools shall improve the academic achievement of every student in our diverse, evolving community by:

Early intervention programs, including universal all-day kindergarten;
Better preparing parents for their supporting role in the education system;
Standardizing curriculum to challenge all students;
Maximizing the effective use of technology;
Providing a highly qualified professional staff.

Goal 2. The Stratford Public Schools shall create an academic environment based on the Six Pillars of Character by:
Establishing high standards of behavior for all students, staff and parents;
Ensuring that all students are legally entitled to an education by the Stratford Public Schools;
Requiring appropriate attire for all students and staff;
Providing a safe and orderly environment for students and staff.

Goal 3. The Stratford Public Schools shall develop an ongoing partnership with the community by:
Continuing school/business collaboratives;
Maintaining positive relationships with the Town Council and other town entities;
Expanding the community outreach to encourage greater involvement in the school system.

Goal 4. The Stratford Public Schools shall prioritize resources to support the academic goals of the district.