St.Stephens Elementary School

684 30th Street North East

Our Mission

The mission of St. Stephens Elementary is to provide a quality education within a safe environment that promotes growth in knowledge, character and self-esteem while appreciating and respecting each member of our diverse school community. St. Stephens Elementary strives to instill in students a lifelong quest for knowledge and the wisdom to face future challenges.

Our Beliefs

Our primary focus is on our students and their learning.

Teachers and staff respect the uniqueness of each student and recognize each student's physical, social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual differences.

Teachers and staff provide varied learning opportunities for the students in the instructional and assessment procedures.

Teachers and staff provide an environment that promotes and instills academic excellence, character, social growth, and an awareness of health and wellness, thus fostering contributing life-long learners.

Teachers and staff provide a safe, caring and comfortable environment that promotes student learning.

Teachers and staff model the seven pillars of character: responsibility, trustworthiness, courage, citizenship, respect, caring and fairness.

Teachers and staff believe that a joint partnership between themselves, the students, the parents, and the community is essential in assuring the success of our school's mission.