Sun Mountain Farm

3000 North Canyon Road

Sun Mountain Farm, located in Apple Hill, is a small family farm producing many varieties of apples, blueberries and wine grapes that have been enjoyed in award winning wines from El Dorado County.

Apple Hill in Camino, California, with its uniquely rich soil, sunny western exposure and ideal climate, produce some of the finest fruit crops in Northern California.

Growing practices on the farm are personally managed with strict attention to sustainable agricultural methods and underlying scientific principles. Since 2006 Sun Mountain Farm has participated in the California Sustainable Wine Growing Program and has conducted self-assessment of vineyard best management practices.  In 2012 Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification was awarded for the farm conservation plan under the California Land Stewardship Institute.

We offer the finest seasonal "You Pick" apples, blueberries and pumpkins. Wine grapes may be available to home winemakers by arrangement.