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Sunrise Garden Farm

Sunrise Garden Farm
94 Center Street


We're a little ol, longtime, family owned and operated, small town farm stand. When "the stand" first opened - you could just take what you needed and leave your money in the coffee can out front! Oh how the times have changed. But we're still here, same family, same hard working, small town farm stand. (coffee can is around somewhere…….but it was very offended when we got a cash register…) Trucks, and greenhouses, and dirt, and tractors, and plants, and an honest days work keep us going here at Sunrise Gardens. Our customers make it all worth it. See you at the stand!

Sunrise Gardens carries a full line of Annuals, Perennials, Vegetable Plants, Vegetables, Herbs, Hanging Plants, Mum Plants, Pumpkins, Cornstalks, Christmas Trees, Wreaths (including custom decorated wreaths) - as well as Roses and Nursery Stock.