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Tabernacle Christian School

4141 Desoto Road

About Us

TCS is a private, interdenominational, nonprofit Christian school that offers high academic and spiritual standards to families in the Sarasota/Bradenton area. The purpose of our school is to provide Christian training along with an intensive academic program in an atmosphere with a distinct emphasis on character training.

Missions Statement

Our prayers, our promises and our possessions are prioritized for Missions, at home, and around the world. Our Pastor and people invest a major portion of their time, talent and treasure in seeking to obey the Great Commission. "Our Mission is Missions!

The vision of The Tabernacle places the following ten principles as corner-stones


To share with others the good news of the love and forgiveness that is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the fullness of joy that comes through an intimate relationship with Christ.


To grow and develop a maturing body of believers that passionately love and pursue God with all of their being, ever pressing for more intimacy with their Creator.


To continue an expanding mission program that foremost has an international ministry focus followed by local and community missions.


To become a church that is known for its passionate worship, in which worshipers usher in the presence of God to the degree that His presence is spiritually and physically sensed.

Spirit-filled life

To lead people to become contagious with the fullness of the Holy Spirit, during which they become consumed with His presence and empowered to live a victorious Christian life.


To equip, train, and release believers to minister through diversified small groups that will connect people for the purpose of developing, enhancing, and nurturing relationships within our Tabernacle family and the extended Body of Christ.


To nurture and strengthen families by providing specialized ministries that minister to children and adults with excellence.


To become a church that is truly convinced of the power of prayer to impact and alter people’s lives, cities, and nations.

Kingdom unity

To become a multiracial congregation in which peoples of all races and ethnicities will desire to make The Tabernacle their church home.


To lead in the development of a deliverance ministry that will set people free from demonic strongholds and various addictions.