Taft Farms

Taft Farms
119 Park Street North


Taft Farms has been a pioneer in the farming undustry for over 50 years. Daniel and his brother Stanley started the Farm back in 1961 with little more than a dream and some land.

The dream was to create a farm that did not need to heavily rely on chemicals and pesticides. A farm that could act as a steward for the land instead of robbing it of it's natural resource and beauty. Long before the organic movement, long before the advent of genetic engineering, Daniel and Stanley could see that agriculture needed a change, and that they wanted to change it!

The land was the picturesque Housatonic River Valley, located in the shadow of the Monument Mountain nature preserve. Some of the most fertile lands in the whole state make up Taft Farms. With a unique geography that makes sustainable practices like crop rotation and cover cropping easy to do, The lands of Taft Farms were the perfect place to put their farming ability to work.

With each passing season Taft Farms renews it's commitment to sustainable agriculture. With a focus on heirloom varieties, pesticide free growing, watershed management, and minimal fertilier use, we hope to preserve the farm for future generations!