Templo Calvario

2617 West 5th Street

Mission Statement:
We covenant to evangelize the lost, train the believer, and commission the disciple through our cell ministry.

Purpose Statement:
Transition the church from a traditional program church to a cell church.

Use the "Groups of 12" (G12) model to create a leadership team that will assist the Pastor in carrying out the vision of the church.

Training and technical assistance needed for the process will be provided by our school of ministry; "Champions of Faith."

Our organizational structure reflects our commitment to cells.

The goal of the church is to (1) build leaders, (2) share our vision and (3), create a Champion of Faith mindset.

Templo Calvario will continue to develop new ministries as the need arises, to live up to its credo, "Ministering to the Needs of the People."

Templo Calvario purposes to be, "the most innovative Hispanic bilingual church in America."