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Terror Trail Haunted House

Terror Trail Haunted House
401 Anthony Road


The year was 1944, World War II was raging in Europe against the Germans. Captured Germans were taken from the battlefield and transported to the small rural town of Canutilb. The German prisoners of war were confined to the POW camp which included the property which now houses Terror Trail Haunted House and Winkeydoodies Paintball Adventures. In the years since the closure of the POW camp the land was turned into a farm with thousands of chickens, cattle and a herd of buffalo. Most of these animals were marketed for their meat. However some of these animals were mysteriously killed and the cause was never known. Over the years many people felt the area was haunted by the souls of the former P.O.W.s hunting for food. Then in 2000, when WinkeyDoodles opened the paintball park, the night time sightings and strange happenings increased.

In the spring of 2010 the staff was redesigning the main field when they started to notice strange were not where they were left, equipment would mysteriously start or stop, the alarm would go off but the cameras would show nothing that would trigger it. When the staff started excavating for the completion of building 2 of the urban combat course, (now the west building of the Terror Trail) they hit something buried, they continued to uncover it, it was larger than they expected, a frontbader had to be used to uncover it. When it was finally unearthed from the grasp of the decades of accumulated sand, they were shocked at what they saw.

The employees would not continue to unearth what they found, fearing what may happen if they did, so they reburied it and chose not to talk about it hoping that they would not have to deal with it again. But something happened that day that changed the lives of those that were there....

Since that day when something was Disturbed, after dark when the paintball guns are put away the employees would mention seeing and hearing things that could not be explained, the renovations to the urban combat course seemed to have awakened the undead and these spirits have taken Over....