The Bill Andrews SYM Assembly #42 of The Society of Young Magicians

PO Box 8218, Stamford, CT 06905

Founded in 1988, the Stamford Assembly is an active and exciting group. Members perform annually in both a close-up and a stage magic show, as well throughout Connecticut and New York. Recent venues include the Mark T. Sheehan High School in Wallingford, The Stamford Theatre Works, the Orangetown Children's Society in NY, Saxe Middle School in New Canaan, and the Rich Forum in Stamford. In addition, individually work at birthday parties and other celebrations. Several members of the Stamford Assembly have been featured in the competitive Stars of Tomorrow program presented at the annual convention of the Society of American Magicians. Others currently earn their living as professional magicians.

William E. Andrews is the founder and head coach of the Stamford Assembly. Bill served as President of the society of American Magicians in 1987 - 1988, and was chosen as the "Magician of the Year" by the New York Society of American Magicians in 2000. Jonathan Krackehl, Mike Paciente and Jeff Simon, also serve as unpaid but dedicated coaches, and members of the Stamford Assembly are always happy to tutor new recruits.

The Stamford Assembly meets monthly, September to June, at the Villa Maria Education Center, 161 Skymeadow Road, Stamford, CT.

For further information, please contact Bill Andrews at 203-357-7862 or