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The City Of Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department

10 Glen Cove Avenue

The City of Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department is the primary organization providing fire protection for the City of Glen Cove, Long Island, New York.

On June 19, 1837 a group of active and concerned citizens of Glen Cove, at the insistence of Glen Cove Mutual Insurance Co. held a meeting to form a fire company. This first meeting was held at the home of William M. Weeks. At this meeting the Glen Cove Fire Company No. 1 was organized, Mr. Weeks was elected Foreman (or Chief, as he would be called today). Mr. Joshua Hicks was the Assistant Foreman and Mr. Elwood Valentine was elected Secretary and Treasurer. 

  It was resolved that the By-Laws of the Brooklyn Company No. 8 be adopted with the exceptions and erasures made in the book of by-laws for the company at Glen Cove. At this time moneys were raised to purchase Glen Cove's first engine, which was a hand pumper known as "Old Ironsides". There were thirty members of the company at this time. 

  The Fire Company moved along under this name for a period of thirty years and then an act was passed by the state legislature to amend the original name, to the Pacific Engine Company, No. 1 of the Village of Glen Cove. The Constitution and the By-Laws of that organization are still on file in the Department and are the basis of some of the By-Laws we operate under today, we have modified them in many ways to fit our organization today.