The Dragon's Eye

My Eastern European blood made me very passionate. I have a passion for life and a deeper passion for the dragons, especially for those who I am with. I am most happy making a dragon feel comfortable, beautiful and beastly. I know how to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life and know how to share this with others. We can talk for hours, enjoy each other’s company and totally forget about time. I can show you a good time around the parapets. We can share a drink and have the most fiery evening. I can lead you into a truly memorable dragon dance. As for dragon-friendly dessert, together we can make that a delectable one.

Dragons-eye is about all things dragonesque. Here you will find information and inspiration to fill your lust for dragon blood with gusto. What do dragons prefer to eat? Do they love to flame grill all their victims or is a bit of raw food an important part of their diet? What is it about gold, treasure and dragons? Some commentators talk about the dragon of materialism. Are we living in a particularly dragon-type era, with our love of material things? Dragons are hoarders of treasure; and they sit upon their haul of gold, like a mother sits atop her eggs – keeping them warm.

I once met a dragon in my mind’s eye, deep within the centre of a south-east Asian island. It was roiling in its own oils in a pit beneath the earth. In the darkness, its evil gleaming eyes could see into my soul and knew my fear. It could smell my vulnerable, soft human form, like Jack’s giant atop the beanstalk. It growled in the back of its throat and the hackles on my head rose up as if a tiger was about to pounce. My stools soon turned to water; and I weakly cowered like a cur.

You can dream about dragons, and fantasise about all their shapes and sizes, but most cannot truly imagine a meeting. The fetid, sulphurous air that emanates from within them. The beating of their big black wings. The razor-sharp scales and claws, which render them invincible. Great big teeth strewn with fleshy remains that cry out for dragon-sized flossing. The flames that spew forth to incinerate all that one might hold dear – family, home and community. Dragons-eye warns the unwary and informs the ignorant. Dragons-eye evokes the evil eye at the heart of dragon dreams. Your blood pumps around your body and the clammy cold about your skin is a clue to your coming fate beneath the demon’s wings.

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