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The Holocaust Museum and Study Center

The Holocaust Museum and Study Center
145 College Road

About us:

Holocaust education is one of the most pressing and vexing educational challenges, particularly as the years pass and the number of survivor’s wanes. Nowhere is this challenge more imperative than on the college campus, where competing interests, activities and socializing are often a priority for students.  With this in mind, the Holocaust Museum & Study Center’s Board of Trustees put forth a two year plan to move to Rockland Community College in Suffern NY.

The Holocaust Museum & Study Center’s administrative offices are currently located in the heart of Rockland Community College on the first floor of Brucker Hall. The Museum has already held several events at RCC such as lectures, art exhibitions and commemorations.

The goals of the Museum are reflected in the College’s mission of preparing students to thrive in a multi-cultural society.  The Museum is a leading educational center devoted to the teaching of the lessons of the Holocaust and Human Rights with dignity, respect and authenticity.

Over the next year the Museum will transition its education programs onto the campus of the college. Our presence on the campus provides opportunities for college students to expand their knowledge of the Holocaust and other examples of genocide and complements Rockland Community College’s critical role as the educational center for our community.

Education is an integral part of the Museum’s mission and programs. This summer the Museum will move its extensive and expanding collection of books, documents and audio-visual materials to the RCC library. These materials will be available for use by students, teachers, scholars and any other interested persons.

Throughout the coming year, the Museum will move the permanent exhibition to the  RCC library and install our Survivor Station Project which includes 18 survivors testimonies. The project will educate future generations to recognize and reject the face of hatred to ensure we learn from history and the events of the Holocaust are not repeated.