The Old Edison

5829 Cains Court

The Old Edison. (The Edison Inn... The Edison Tavern... Edison Bar... Old Edison Inn...) We've been known by many names over the years! But whichever moniker you prefer, one thing never changes: we're always known for a friendly and inviting vibe. This comes from the ownership down through the employees and to our customers. Locals from all over the Bow/Edison area love coming to visit, and folks come from several neighboring counties for our food, beer, live music or to just hang out! As one long-time Sunday night local puts it, "If you want to have a great time come here. If you don't...go somewhere else!"

Founded in 1869, the town of Edison, Washington (named for inventor Thomas Edison), is one of the oldest in the county. Railways and highways slowly took commerce away from Edison as steamships and paddle wheel boats became obsolete. With a current population of around 130 people and about 50 homes, historic little Edison has now become a hidden secret. The Old Edison shares an area featuring local farms, cafes, bakeries, farmer's markets, shops, etc. - right off scenic Chuckanut Drive.

Owned and operated for the last 7 years by John and Lyn Highet, The Old Edison has been located in Edison since 1900 (or earlier) in at least 4 different locations. The current location was built in 1955 as Bloom's Grocery and Post Office and may be the newest building in town. The Old Edison was moved to this property around 1984.