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The Orchard at Apolloson Acres

The Orchard at Apolloson Acres
Congress Road

Apolloson Acres was founded in 2008 when we, Allen & Allison Preiss, purchased property in Lodi, OH. This property just so happened to have an orchard nestled in the middle of it and thus 'The Orchard at Apolloson Acres' began!

Having a mutual love for anything outdoors, we made the decision to take on the 120+ tree orchard that hadn't been tended to in approximately 5 years! With much reading, researching and mentoring, we're learning every day and each season brings new challenges and triumphs.

Mixed into the 120 trees in our orchard are some heirloom apple varieties that we are still trying to identify, as well as many well know varieties like McIntosh, Jonathans and Red & Golden Delicious. There are also a variety of pears including Bartlett's, Bosc and Sekels, which sell out quicker than we can pick them off the trees! We also have 8 Quince trees that we harvest.