The Oxford Museum

The Oxford Museum
101 S. Morris Street

Mission and Vision:

The Oxford Museum collects, records, interprets and shares materials relating to the history of Oxford, Maryland and the surrounding area. Founded in 1964, this non-profit volunteer organization provides resources for historical research and sponsors a variety of programs, activities, and exhibits to foster knowledge and appreciation of this community’s people and history.

The Oxford Museum’s vision is to be a premier small town museum, excelling in interpreting and communicating to the public the importance of the community of Oxford and its people to both national and the regional history. As one of the first colonial ports of entry, Oxford today displays visible clues to its long history as a unique rural maritime community. Our goal is to act as a center of information and education and to serve residents and others who seek local historical and genealogical information.

About Us:

The Oxford Museum began in 1964 with the finding of 18th and 19th century bottles and pottery shards. From these first artifacts has evolved a rare mosaic depicting Oxford's past. As such, the museum has become a valuable part of the under-standing of the more than 325 years of Oxford history. Its exhibits are exclusively devoted to its people, their way of life, and their contribution to our country since the 1600s. We are proud of our many treasures including old photographs, clothing, antique engines, boat building tools, models, paintings, furniture, documents, war items, Indian items, pottery, china and waterman tools.