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The Southport School

214 Main Street


Our mission is to provide transformative educational experiences that have lifelong impact on our students as well as thought leadership that engages the learning differences community.


At Eagle Hill Southport School our vision is a world where people with language-based learning differences and ADHD are embraced for their strengths and potential, and where all teachers have access to training in best educational practices and current research.

About Us:

Eagle Hill-Southport is a not for-profit day school accredited by both the State of Connecticut and the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, and is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. Eagle Hill-Southport is also a member of the Connecticut Association of Private Special Education Facilities and is associated with the Fairchester Group of Independent Schools.

Eagle Hill-Southport helps boys and girls, aged 6 to 16, with learning problems that interfere with the way information is received, processed; or expressed.

A child with learning disabilities may also develop secondary emotional symptoms including frustration, and low self-esteem but the disability itself is not emotionally based.The educational program at Eagle Southport is specifically designed for children with average to superior intelligence. Many also have athletic, artistic and academic talents.

Before admission, information is gathered about each child's overall potential and skill development. Then an informed assessment is made about the suitability of the Eagle Hill-Southport program for that child.

Eagle Hill Southport School is dedicated to creating an environment for students with language-based learning differences, like dyslexia, and ADHD that recognizes individual strengths, promotes independent thinking, develops self-esteem and self-advocacy, and supports a successful transition for continued academic achievement. In our co-educational elementary, middle, and summer school programs in Southport, CT, students can safely take risks and are championed by a faculty that is student-focused and uses research and evidence-based approaches.