TheHive44 Coworking Business Center & Event Venue

1710-1730 Fenpark Dr

The HIVE44 is an UN-office environment;

It is not your ordinary office environment or shared office space.

We provide everything you need to run a successful and profitable business for one monthly membership fee. No lease or deposits. We provide the corporate structure, your office equipment, internet, address, the meeting and conference rooms, and much more. 

Best of all the HIVE44 promotes your company, The HIVE44 supports you and your business like a corporations support their employees giving you all the help you need to succeed, however, unlike a corporation you work independently for yourself, not by yourself


Established in 2012.

The HIVE44 is fast becoming the "place" to have your office or workspace and to meet the professional business owners of St. Louis. Opening last year with two fulltime members and 4 part time members the HIVE44 now houses 14 full time companies and 26 members in varies memberships. When asked each and every one of the members were sold on the idea of coworking at the HIVE44 and could not see themselves working anywhere else. "You couldn't blast me out of here" said Joel Kirk, Off the Wall Murals. Only positive praise of how since becoming a member their businesses had grown and they were more productive. "In the short time I have been here, the other members are becoming family. Always there to help you, encourage you, keeping you accountable and I begin to miss them when they are not all around" stated Liz Muelkin, Bethco Properties.

Meet the Business Owner

Cheryl J.

Business Owner

Cheryl Jaycox, Co-founder of The HIVE@44 spent most of her adult life being a working single mom and a business owner. She has a diverse background, with expertise in advertising, marketing, public relations and photography. After numerous years in the corporate business industry, she knew in her heart that she was finished with the rules of corporate America, and what she really wanted was to be involved with small business and the people who owned them, AND have lots of fun doing it.

Don Jaycox, Co-founder and Director of Operations at The Hive@44, has many talents and a successful past as a business owner in the packaging industry, and commercial real estate development.

Cheryl, having lived on the West Coast, and friends on the East coast she had been introduced to the idea of coworking. This concept has been widely used and very successful on the East and West Coasts, but had not really had an impact on the Midwest.