Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

95 Altair Drive

The Mission for Thomas Jefferson Elementary School:

- To provide a sound educational environment where students can learn the academic skills necessary to be successful in the future.

- To instill in students self-worth and promote positive interactions with others. - To encourage students to become responsible and civil-minded community members. Our Belief's:

- Every child can be a successful learner. - Every Child is a unique and talented individual - Children need to be nurtured with consistent, high expectations for their appropriate behavior. - Children need to be taught to be caring, hard working, responsible citizens. - Everyone should make sure that everyone else has a “Good Day!” - Teachers should provide positive learning environments and adapt their teaching to the learning styles of children. - Teachers should be life-long learners and should model that belief to their students. - Teachers are to be respected and supported in all their endeavors to educate children. - Parents must participate in the children’s education by teaching the value of education at home, providing the time, place, materials, and support for homework and supporting school expectations . History:

Dr. John McIntyre was Superintendent of Schools when the Bond Referendum was passed in 1979 for the construction of two new schools in Washington Township; one being Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and a Middle School.
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School was built on a 20-acre site. The total gross building was 72, 434 square feet. The cost of the project was $3,500,000.00.
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School was the first two-story elementary school in Washington Township. It was considered a model school in South Jersey. At the time of opening the school consisted of 31 classrooms, a music room, an art room, science room, a large-group instruction room, and two small group instruction rooms, and a library along with a speech room and a reading center for instruction, and a cafeteria and gymnasium.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School opened its door in September 1980 housing students in grades K – 6. Mr. Joseph Indriso was Principal until 1994. In September 1994 Mrs. Winifred Powel became Principal and in August 2000, Mr. Jeffery Pollock assumed the leadership of Washington Township's largest elementary school.

In September 1989, the sixth grade students attended the new Orchard Valley Middle School and the kindergarten students went to the new Early Childhood Center.


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