Tompkins County Chamber Of Commerce

904 East Shore Drive


The mission of The Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce is to advocate for the free enterprise system and sound economic development, foster success for its for-profit and not-for-profit members, and promote a high quality of life for all Tompkins County residents.

About Us:

We are the voice of local business and our dedicated staff works hard to save you money, market your business and build your community. Just as you must provide value to your customers, we believe the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce must provide value to our members. From numerous professional development programs to great networking opportunities, the Chamber helps you build your business by helping you meet new people and exposing you to more potential customers and clients.


Edward Schwindt

Monday, Aug. 18, 2014
The Inn had some very good features. Unfortunately, the bad features outweighed the good, especially considering the nightly rate. There were two outstanding features. The view of the lake from the second-floor balcony under a full moon with the city lights in the background was very beautiful. The breakfast was superb. We stayed in one of the two ground-level rooms. Very disturbingly, we found that the outside sliding glass door from the patio outside into our room could not be locked. We had to place a chair under the door on the inside. Although the patio was quite large outside of the two ground-level rooms, the view was less than desirable. There were tall weeds overrunning the area and abandoned tables and chairs scattered about. Our Hostess told us that a wedding had taken place there. It must've been quite awhile ago, as it looked disheveled and forlorn. The location is not close to the lake. It is in a housing development. If being close to the lake and nature is what you seek, this is not for you. The proprietors have another property which is close to the lake, with 5 terraced areas and a nature sanctuary walk to the lake, according to the on-line write-up. I thought I was booking that one...

Joe Van Riper

Monday, April 8, 2013
My wife and I have stayed here at least twice in the last couple of years, in both warm weather and winter, and were truly delighted each time. The accommodations are quite unique, and very comfortable. Our hostesses have always been right on top of anything we might need, and the breakfasts are a delight! So much calmer, relaxed, and restful. This is not your ordinary B&B... This is a treat!

Kimi Muse

Thursday, June 25, 2015
I'm not sure what all of these reviews are pertaining to as this is the location for our local Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau, NOT an inn...apparently Google needs to update their information or people need to check first before they write badly about the wrong business. These folks are EXTREMELY helpful in providing information to folks not familiar with the Ithaca area, and are a wealth of information when it comes to college parents ESPECIALLY for keeping tabs on all the hotels availability on those busy weekends.

Matt Bruntel

Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014
The address Google provides is for the Ithaca Visitor's Center. The LakeFront Inn is at 555 Ridge Rd in Lansing.

Eric Bennett

Friday, Aug. 5, 2011
I gather that the positive reviews here are fake since the accounts only reviewed one place, put a 180 spin on the comments below and that is my opinion of this place