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Tonn's Orchard

Tonn's Orchard
270 Preston Rd

About Us:

Tonn's Orchard was started by Herbert and Arlene Tonn over fifty years ago when they bought land in Burlington, cleared the woods by hand, and built a barn. Herb started planting fruit trees, built a greenhouse and opened a small roadside stand to sell his extra crops.

Customers became hooked on his fresh picked fruit and vegetables and his clientele quickly grew. As Tonn's Orchard continued to grow, Herb purchased ten acres in Terryville to expand the Orchard.

As the farm and orchard continued to flourish, the entire family all helped out with picking and selling the produce. The farm store started to grow with a new farm stand and a sales room. Farmers Markets became center stage and continue today with over five markets weekly from June through October.

Tonn's Orchard has always been about family and continues to be a family run business.

Today the business continues into the 21st century with Herbert's grandson Jordan and son Paul running the Farm and Farmers Markets and Herbert's Son Peter running the Orchard including Pick Your Own.