Town of Andrews

1101 Main Street

About Us :
The largest town within the township is Andrews. In the early 1800s, when most white settlers began arriving, the area was known as Jamesville, after James Whitaker. An Indian Trading Post was established in 1837 and soon after the community was known as Valley Town.

The present town was established like many other southern towns, through a land auction. The Richmond and Danville Railroad had stopped construction of the lines just east of here. In the late 1880s, Col. A.B. Andrews, who was a second vice president for Richmond and Danville, was sent to the area to establish a commissary for workers in the Nantahala construction camps. Andrews bought 50 acres of land for the sum of $1,200.

By the spring of 1890, Andrews was instructed to sell off the 50-acre tract at a land sale, which was held in September. The land was plotted out and about three-quarters of the lots were sold at the initial sale. Some lots were donated for a schoolhouse and churches. The remaining lots were sold through private sales.