Town Of Ashland

101 Thompson Street


The mission of Ashland town government is to improve the quality of life in Ashland through the efficient delivery of outstanding public services.

Town Vision:

Ashland is a community that appreciates and embraces its strong sense of community identity; diverse population; natural, historic, cultural and educational resources; human potential, economic vitality; and interdependence of citizens and businesses.

As a town government, we will be guided by the following principles:

We will maintain and enhance our strong sense of community and high quality of life as we grow and change, recognizing that people choose to live and work in Ashland for a reason.

We will embrace our diverse population - made greater by common objectives.

We will encourage participation of all citizens and in so doing will be respectful, responsive, effective, efficient, accountable and accessible.

We will recognize the importance of the people and families of our communities and strive to create a community that will allow them to lead healthy, productive lives.

We will encourage economic vitality that includes a diverse business mix and infrastructure to support business needs while retaining our unique community characteristics and spirit.

We will utilize partnerships and bring together the public, private and non-profit resources of the community - realizing that government does not have all the answers.