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Town Of Wilmington

121 Glen Road


The "Mission Statement for the Town of Wilmington" is as follows:

"The Town of Wilmington, as a municipal corporation, exists in order to deliver a wide range of municipal services to those who live, work or own property within the borders of Wilmington; and in order to make this community a good place to live, to work, and to raise and educate a family, those services must be responsive to the needs of the people. They must be effective and efficient. Principles of honesty, fairness, dependability and compassion must govern the actions of the officials and the employees of the Town. Those who work for the Town as employees or as members of boards, committees and commissions are recognized as its most important resource and the key to its success in serving the people of Wilmington."

Recent News

Town Of Wilmington News Comstar Ambulance Billing Security Breach

The Town was recently informed by Comstar Ambulance Billing Service that on or about March 26, 2022 suspicious activity was identified on Comstar’s computer systems and network. Comstar is a vendor hired by the Town to invoice individuals…

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Town Of Wilmington - Town Hall School Administration Building Project Newsletter 5

We're pleased to provide you with the latest newsletter for the Town Hall School Administration Building Project. This is the 5th newsletter for this project. Past newsletters may be viewed by heading to…

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Town Of Wilmington Newsletter - June 2022

Click here to view the Town Of Wilmington Newsletter - June 2022

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Town Of Wilmington - Summer 2022 "Recreation Matters" is Now Available!

The Summer 2022 ‘Recreation Matters’ newsletter is now available!!! Head over to our website ( and click the "Recreation Matters" Newsletter button in order to see the complete list of youth and…

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Town Of Wilmington Newsletter - May 2022

Click Here to view the Town Of Wilmington Newsletter - May 2022

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Baker-Polito Administration Hosting 10 Regional Employer Roadshows

To Economic Development Partners, Please find information for your member companies, clients, and constituents regarding 10 upcoming regional employer roadshows: The Baker-Polito Administration, including MassHire Career Centers and…

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Town Of Wilmington - April 2022 Newsletter

Click Here To View Town Of Wilmington - April 2022 Newsletter

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Town Of Wilmington News Town Officials Not Relenting On Rail Crossing Issues

It is unfortunate and unproductive to see a recent Letter to the Editor account in the “Wilmington Apple” suggesting Town officials could have prevented the tragic passing of Ms. Roberta Sausville Devine. While it is true that this…

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Town Of Wilmington News: The Buzzell Buzz - March 2022

We are almost there! Spring is just around the corner. It’s so close you can count the days. Here at the center we have been planning some fun new events for the coming months. Make sure you keep an eye on our newsletters for save the dates…

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Town Of Wilmington News : Collecting Information on Railway Crossing Issues in Town

The town is collecting information on any railway crossing issues that occurred in Wilmington between November 2021 and the present. Anyone who has witnessed issues where the railway crossing arms did not come down, were delayed in coming down or…

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Town Of Wilmington Senior Center Building Committee Update - Newsletter 6

The Senior Center Building Committee is set to meet tomorrow night, Wednesday 2/23, at 6PM in Room 9 at Town Hall located at 121 Glen Road. We hope you can attend but if you can't make it, we encourage you to visit the project website for updates:…

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Town Of Wilmington February 18th North Wilmington Commuter Rail Crossing Issues

In response to a press release issued by the Town at 4 pm today addressing concerns about reported anomalies in the operation of the safety equipment at the MBTA commuter rail crossing at Middlesex Avenue in north Wilmington the MBTA has issued the…

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Mass Housing Receives Application For 40b Development In Wilmington

Dear Wilmington Residents, An application was submitted to MassHousing on January 28, 2022 for Site Eligibility Approval under Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 40B for 132 units of mixed income rental housing at 100 West Street. This is the…

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Town Of Wilmington Olin Community Update February 2022

The EPA Olin Chemical Superfund Site webpage was recently updated with information on current site status, including ongoing fieldwork. EPA is continuing to oversee subsurface investigation activities in areas east, north, and west of the 51 Eames…

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Town of Wilmington Newsletter - February 2022

Happy Valentines Day! Can you believe it is already February. We are one month closer to those warmer weather days. That is something to look forward too! As many of you know, during the month of January, the Wilmington Board of Health was very…

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Special Town Meeting Called for March 8 at the Shriners

Wilmington's Selectmen, at their January 10th meeting, voted to call a Special Town Meeting for Tuesday March 8, 2022 at 7:00 pm to be held at the Shriners Auditorium located at 99 Fordham Road, for the specific purpose of seeking authorization from…

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Town of Wilmington Newsletter - January 2022

Click here to view "Town of Wilmington Newsletter - January 2022"

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Message from Director of Public Health: Updated Isolation and Quarantine Guidance - December 29, 2021

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY ISOLATION The isolation rules are for people who are positive with a COVID test. They are the same for people who are unvaccinated, partly vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or boosted. —Isolation starts the on…

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Town Of Wilmington News - Update from Dr. Brand regarding the Wildwood School Building Project

Dear Members of the Wilmington Community, It is my pleasure to share with you the following information regarding an important opportunity before the community of Wilmington regarding our partnership in the Massachusetts School Building Authority…

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