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Trail of Terror

Trail of Terror
60 North Plains Highway

Hiding in the woods at the end of a lonesome road is a world of fright and fantasy that will test one's mettle, temper one's cavalier courage, torment one's sanity, and taint one's soul. This vortex of dark entertainment is the Trail of Terror.

The Trail of Terror has bent the minds of the innocent and benefited local charities for 25 years. The dominion of this operation’s overseer, Wayne Barneschi, began as a home haunt. Through enlisting the help of dark forces, a veritable coven of close friends and family members, they made the leap to become a professional non-profit haunted attraction.

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Trail of Terror Outdoor Haunted Attraction 2014

The Trail is an outdoor event that takes place during the month of October. We recommend clothing that you will be comfortable in for a few hours outside. You will be walking in the woods - comfortable footwear is highly recommended. Date: October…

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Trail of Terror Outdoor Haunted Attraction

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