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Trinity Church

7200 Schmidt Lane


For close to a century, God has faithfully been working through Trinity Evangelical Free Church. Since 1906 the church has had over 700 members and 16+ senior pastors.

The church had its humble beginnings back in December 31, 1905. At a time when Berkeley was better described as being country rather than hip or quirky, a small group of eager Christians met in the home of the Petersons at 2615 Virginia St, forming the Swedish Evangelical Free Church. God blessed the intimate gathering, and the church grew, eventually turning into the Berkeley Evangelical Free Church.

With the increase in membership, bigger facilities were needed. On January 4, 1907, the Berkeley Evangelical Free Church purchased a lot at 1918 Blake St, and soon after on March 31 the church building was dedicated with a sermon given by Reverend A.A. Anderson. In 1912, an annex was added in the rear to accomodate the flourishing church, which was used as a parsonage until 1951.

World War II brought on an influx of people to the Bay Area, and UCB and nursing students found joy in Christian fellowship at Berkeley Evangelical Free Church. Following the war, the increased mobility of families to and from the Bay Area brought even greater numbers to the congregation.

At the height of the baby boom generation, the church needed a worship location more suitable for young families. In August 1962, the Berkeley congregation decided to move to El Cerrito, purchasing property at 7200 Schmidt Lane and selling the Blake St lot to Grace Baptist Church. When completed in 1963, the church consisted of a sanctuary seating 250 people, church offices and lower level educational facilities. In April 1970 another educational wing was completed and dedicated with a message by Dr. Arnold T. Olson, then-President of the EFCA.

Today, God continues to richly bless our worship and praise of Him. Despite the swirl of changes of philosophy and society, Trinity Evangelical Church remains steadfast in its commitment to glorify God by enjoying Him together. And like the small gathering nearly a century ago that set the precedent, we continue to cherish the interpersonal relationships that bind the church together in love and unity.