Tumbledown Mountain

Tumbledown Mountain is located in western Maine near Weld Village. While not the highest mountain in the region, it is easily the most interesting. The south face of Tumbledown is comprised of impressive 700+ foot cliffs which form the northern side of Byron Notch. While Tumbledown's three open summits are impressive (West, East, and North Peaks), the most outstanding aspect of the mountain is Tumbledown Pond. The Pond is situated at approximately 2,800 feet and is surrounded on three sides by higher elevations. Of Tumbledown's three peaks, North Peak is the highest at 3,090 feet. East Peak and West Peak are only slightly lower. 

Tumbledown is not a secret and will be fairly crowded on nice weekends, particularly the area immediately around the pond. Solitude seekers should plan to relax on either West Peak or the high point of Parker Ridge.

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