TurkeyTail Farm

10846 Nelson Bar Road

TurkeyTail Farm
Our CSA offers the finest quality pasture raised meats. Each week you receive a selection of meats inclusive of our pastured pork, chicken, duck, and lamb (optional). In addition, to the weekly staple of meats you will receive brazing greens, arugula, select gourmet mushrooms, winter alliums, and our salad mix featuring delectable lettuces all winter long. Our CSA enables our customers to get wholesale prices without the need to own huge freezer space!

Our CSA features heirloom breeds of poultry, and pork along side exciting treats like lavender-fed lamb, Mushroom-fed Broiler Chickens and Gourmet Mushrooms. A weekly newsletter provides news from the farm, facts and research behind chemistry, biology, and ecology behind grass-fed meats, mushroom-fed poultry, and nutrient-dense farming practices. The newsletter will provide perspective our specialty meats, as well as recipes and preparation tips from local farmers and chefs.

TurkeyTail farm is a family farm serving Butte County. We are a diversified enterprise dedicated to providing high quality food to a local community. We look to promote appropriate technology, ecological farming, and energy-wise food production. Our goal is to become a model of practical and profitable, ecologically conscious agriculture in the north state. We are a farm producing a diversity of food including gourmet mushrooms, grass-fed lamb and goat, pasture raised pork, mixed vegetables, and cut flowers. Our farm uses the highest quality feeds and inputs available to us. We use Sea Kelp throughout our program. Kelp provides both plants and livestock with micronutrients not otherwise found in commercial feeds and fertilizers

CSA Details:
-Season:October through March
-Type:Single farm
-No of Shares:10
-Full Share:$120 per Month ($30 per week) with three month minimum
-1/2 Share:$60 per Month ($15 per week ) with three month minimum
-Work Req?:No

Pick Up/Drop Off Points:
TurkeyTail Farm
CSA shares will be picked-up on farm or in Chico, CA depending on customers needs.
-Contact:Cheetah Tchudi
-Address:10846 Nelson Bar Road,Yankee Hill, CA 95965