U Can-DANCE, Inc.

111 N Tennessee St

Mission Statement:
U Can-DANCE is a dance and performance company whose primary purpose is educating the community in the performing arts. Our goals are conducive to two words: "COMMUNITY" and "BUILD."

We seek to:
Build up the Community in which we do business.
Build a Community of dancers and performers that are uplifted, who are confident in themselves and who care about themselves and others around them.Build a Community of skillful dancers and performers that are technically well-versed in a variety of areas of dance and are able to compete on any level, whether artistically or competitively. Builda Community of dancers, who are not only well-versed in the technical and artistic skills of dance, but also in the skills required for a successful life.

U Can-Dance is duty-bound to:
Foster a spirit of "giving-back" through our Community  performances and projects.
Assist in maintaining a healthy life balance in the lives of the students with their school, their dance classes and their families. MAINTAIN 1) a professional environment with highly-qualified and professional instructors and 2) a positive learning environment which promotes creativity and perfect self-expression in the performing arts.
Educate the Community on various areas of dance while creating a passion for the arts.

Our Mission Statement is called our "FAME" Theory. Everything we do must follow one of our FAME statements as it is the foundation of our existence.