United Protestant Church Of Grayslake

54 South Whitney Street

Provide a spiritually enhancing worship, facilitating biblically-based spiritual growth while fostering Christian leadership

Fully engage our membership in the life of the church by being inviting and inclusive to all people

Effectively utilize our resources to meet the needs of our church and increase our involvement in the community through spiritual outreach, Christian service and evangelism

Develop greater opportunities for fellowship within our diverse community and congregation

Encourage a growing involvement in our expanding Christian Education programs

Increase congregational confidence in the prudent stewardship of church leadership in order to encourage and develop financial programs to accomplish the missions of the church

We will make disciples for Jesus Christ, growing the church and its ministry by spreading the good news of the gospel, both to the UPC congregation and the greater community, by supporting spiritual growth across all ages within our church family, by reaching out to our community in evangelism and mission, and by seeking justice for all people though our words and deeds as faithful Christian disciples.