University of Advancing Technology

2625 West Baseline Road


The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is a unique, technology-infused private college that was founded by a techno-geek for techno-geeks. Our Mission is to educate students in the fields of advancing technology to become innovators of the future. UAT's campus culture is devoted to continually nurturing a thriving geek community where everyone's personal lives and professional aspirations revolve around technology.

UAT offers students a well-rounded education in a non-traditional setting. Students who are seeking a strictly career-oriented, technical college experience will not find it here. Because of UAT's dedication to both scholastic excellence and technological innovation, it stands apart in academia as an ideal destination for the geeks of the world who feel disenfranchised by conventional institutions of higher learning. For the student who is looking at the future of technology and wishes to become a vital part of it, UAT beckons.

The beginning of the 21st century is an exciting time to be in the technology community. Current subjects of ongoing research and scholarship at UAT include robotics and embedded systems, artificial life programming, information and network security, game development, and other areas of advanced technology.

Since the college launched operations at its campus in Tempe, Arizona-a community at the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun-we've devoted all of our resources to creating a vital academic environment where students are challenged to achieve, explore new and traditional concepts, and practice what they learn in real-world situations. This combination of research, scholarship and application creates technically adept graduates who are equally at home in academia and the working world, and valued by both.

UAT graduates will thrive in the digital age. Our students benefit from their fundamental understanding of both theoretical and applied aspects of technology. We believe to a certainty that UAT graduates will meet and surpass every expectation of their high-technology employers and peers. Our graduates enter the professional world with accredited associate's and bachelor's degrees, and many return to pursue a master's degree at our Graduate Studies.

UAT is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and a Member of the North Central Association.