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University Of Fort Lauderdale

4093 N.W. 16th Street

Mission Statement:

The mission of the University of Fort Lauderdale is to be a premier Christian institution of higher learning empowering future leaders through higher educational degrees rooted in Biblical principles and academic excellence, to influence the world intellectually, technologically, and through research.

Vision Statement:

Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18)

Our vision is to have a Christian environment, dedicated to higher learning, that will be a motivating climate for individual and diverse students to learn, explore, and develop for the call to fulfill the Great Commission. Graduates will influence the greater world community for the cause of world peace and a better life for God's people. Our students will be tomorrow's visionary and trendsetting individuals who will lead others, addressing challenges yet to be defined. Whether students are called to religious or non-religious vocations, the vision requires a common link: purpose, character, integrity, and credibility knowledge and skills. Therefore, the faculty and staff are attentive to advance the University's vision through an innovative Christian learning environment.