Upper Darby High School

601 North Lansdowne Avenue

Our Mission Statement: We, the Upper Darby High School faculty, administrators, and staff, are committed to empowering all learners to acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their full potential in an environment that supports our comprehensive and challenging educational program.

This year, UDHS celebrates 110 years of educating the youth of Upper Darby. Today's comprehensive high school is far different from the high school in 1895. In 2005, over 800 students will graduate; in 1896, only five students graduated. Our current faculty numbers nearly 250, whereas the Class of 1896 had only one faculty member, Miss Elisabeth D. Turner. UDHS is the oldest high school in Delaware County and one rich in tradition and history.

Upper Darby High School shows a commitment to academic excellence and preparation for college, to athletic achievement, to enrichment in the arts, to placement in the work force, and to providing a variety of educational experiences to meet the needs of a diverse student population. There is a program for every student at UDHS, the largest high school in the county.

Academically, Upper Darby High School's rich curriculum features traditional academic courses and a wide variety of elective offerings, including Engineering Drafting, Horticulture, Computers in Art, and Baking and Confections. A wide variety of extra-curricular offerings enrich the students' experiences.


Joy Thompson

Thursday, May 10, 2018
I have been going there for four years and I graduate in a few weeks, I'm going to miss certain adults and students in there but I'm going to be honest, there are better schools. The bathrooms are not that good, and the its really crowded and a lot of the students there are not some people you would want around your kids. Although that school can give you a lot of options for clubs and sports, the school could be better. A lot of the teachers there are rude and disrespectful and think they can get away with a lot because they are teachers. And to be honest some of the much older teachers can be creeps. Imsaying all of this because before you think of putting your child into this school you may want to think first. There are a lot of good things about the school an I have made a four year friend and a great connection with some of the staff, an the security guards are really nice. But this highschool has protocols for sensitive situations and they are not really the right ones. I have experienced it myself a lot and they don't always go about it in the way they should. Most of the times they won't even listen to what the students have to say, even though they say they want to hear what our options are. Let's just say this school needs to listen to what the KIDS needs and wants are because when you think about it, we are the ones who are going to be going to that book or four years and have to deal with other students not them and WE are the ones that have to walk those halls and go to those classes and eat in that crowded cafeteria, not them.

Ignatius D

Thursday, Sep. 21, 2017
I graduated from UDHS in the 90s. Since then I often find myself being reminded of how great growing up in that area was. Going to UDHS, having had the opportunity to be part of a huge student body, exposed me to so many different types of people. The endless sports programs and other activities the school had to offer always kept me busy. The people.... the people both teachers and students were great. Yea, there were the knuckleheads that caused issues, but the overwhelming awesomeness of the school far outweighed any problems. I wish the school another 100yrs of success!

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017
I haven't been there yet but based on the reviews, I might like it. I'm going there Fall 2017! I'll come back summer '18 and leave a review for y'all

Jaz 1.0

Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017
I'm supposed to be going here this fall. I'm excited lol

Eileen Thu Pham

Sunday, Sep. 18, 2016
I graduated from Upper Darby High School back in the 90's. From my experience and from going there the teachers always been nice and of course they do care about their students. Some teachers would stayed after school just to help their student with their projects, and homework. My two older son both attended at Upper Darby as well. They both likes the school. The students are very nice and friendly and not bullies. Upper Darby High School Rocks. 09/17/2016 Class of "92"