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UU Fellowship of Briarcliff, Croton & Ossining

2021 Albany Post Road

Our Fellowship Mission

adopted by the UU Fellowship congregation June 2001

To foster a caring, diverse, open-minded, welcoming community for spiritual exploration, intellectual stimulation, and creative growth;

To support our personal and shared life journeys through fellowship, celebration, social action, and liberal religious education for all ages;

To encourage a life based on Unitarian Universalist principles.

What We Believe

While our roots are Judeo-Christian, our outlook keeps an open mind to the spiritual questions people have asked for centuries. This is why we are called a liberal religious faith.

To make an important distinction, ours is not a "literalist" faith. That means we do not believe in the Bible or any other religious writing as inerrant or divine.

Instead we dedicate our lives to the values that we believe best promote responsibility, peace and compassion in the world.

We draw from all religious writings those truths that best enlighten us in our present time. In other words, we understand that religious writings are symbolic and metaphorical rather than "literal." 

All Unitarian Universalist congregations belong to a national organization called the Unitarian Universalist Association,   

The member congregations of the UUA have all agreed to a covenant of principles which are included below.

Our Covenant

We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote:

The inherent worth and dignity of every person

Justice, equity and compassion in human relations

Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations and in society at large

A free and responsible search for truth and meaning

The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large

The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all

Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part