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Village of Dryden

5602 Main Street

The Village of Dryden was settled in 1836. The village was first named Amboy. The citizens did not like the name so they petitioned to have the name changed to Lober. A mistake was made in the state legislator and it came out Lomond. Then, J.M. Lamb, the state senator asked Sanford Kendrick to choose a name for the town and he chose "Dryden" in honor of the poet. By 1845, the population was 900. The population grew to 1335 by 1854.

The first general store was built by Jonathan Sweet. It stood where the Fire Hall now stands. Mr. Sweet sold the property to J.M. Lamb and for several years they called it Lamb's Corner. The Metholdist Church was built in 1856. The first schoolhouse was built at the corner of Atwell and Main. Mr. Baker built the first hotel in 1854 it burned in 1889. The second hotel was built in 1874 by Josweph Darwood. The cemetery was founded in 1870. Mr. Nelly built the first mill on the southwest corner of Quigley lot. It burned and that is why the street is called Mill Street. The town of Dryden had a prosperous fruit and apple dryer and a large cider mill. Dryden also had a Millinery shop, two blacksmiths, a wagon shop and a soap factory. The Ladies Library began in 1871. In 1884, the Ladies Library built it's new building. John M. Lamb ran the post office. The P.O. & N. railroad was completed and ran through the village in 1883. 

The Village of Dryden was incorporated on January 31, 1887.

In 1928, Wentworth service station opened it's doors at the intersection of Rochester and Dryden Roads. In 1932, Fread and Emma Stayhue bought the bakery from Mr. Plumb. They moved into the living quarters upstairs and the family was famous for it's baked goods.

From 1953 until mid nineties, Champion Home Builders Company, a national manufacturer of mobile homes and recreational vehicles had it's headquarter's in Dryden. 

Some of the first Pioneer Families of Dryden were Jonathan Sweet, J.M. Lamb, Ed Lamb, Joseph Darwood, Joseph & Ellen Manwaaring, Ethan Squire, grandfather of Major General George Squire, and Dr. Ira E Parker. Also, many generations of the following families have made lasting contributions to the Village of Dryden and the surrounding communities, The Atwell, Bacon, Baker, Burnett, Cooley, Daley, Davis, Dittman, Foot, Hamlin, Havens, Haynes, Heenan, Hines, Kendrick, Mansfield, Maynard, Miller, Powell, Quigley, Shoemaker, Stayhue,Whitbeck, families.