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Ware River Watershed

The DCR owns approximately 23,000 acres in an area commonly known as the Ware River watershed Link to the image file. . Located in Central Massachusetts between the Quabbin Reservoir and the Wachusett Reservoir, the Ware River watershed is the land and water which drain to the MWRA diversion facility on the Ware River in Barre. The water that enters the intake travels to either the Quabbin or Wachusett Reservoir through an underground tunnel, the Quabbin aqueduct.

Services at Ware River Watershed

Recreational activities available in the Ware River watershed include:

Shoreline Fishing
Biking allowed on designated trails only.  No off-road mountain biking allowed.
Walking Trails
Bird Watching
Hunting (Restrictions)
Cross-Country Skiing
Snowmobiling (Restrictions)
Horseback Riding Trails (Restrictions)