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Warren Business And Professional Association

PO Box 4145

As we begin the WBPA's 8th year of service, it is clear that our dedication to the Warren Community has never been greater. Our more than 170 members have committed to the positive growth and improvement of Warren, and in giving back to the community and those less fortunate. Since our inception in 1995, our membership has more than doubled, while our donations have soared to over $60,000, which has gone right back to the community to support our area schools, sports programs, civic groups, fire and rescue squads, and numerous charitable associations. In fact, all of our profits, year in and year out, go right back into the community.

Today, our Warren Showcase is better than ever, while attendance at our networking meetings is very strong and the diversity of our membership base grows by the day. I am proud to say that the WBPA has exceeded most of the goals laid out by our founders in 1995. Our mission statement is to Promote and Enhance Warren as a Place to Live, a Place to Work, a Place to Shop and a Place to Conduct Business.

Each and every day, our members strive to bring our Association closer and to instill greater pride in our professional and retail business community. Our collective efforts center solely on promoting that pride and keeping our community prospering. As we head into 2003, we are more committed than ever to providing the 15,000 residents of Warren, as well as residents of other communities, with a breadth of professional and retail, products and services, that are based conveniently in Warren. Thus, we encourage all Warren-based businesses to join the WBPA and support our cause, and we ask our residents to support the local businessman, who gives so much back to the community. Welcome to the WBPA.