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Washington West Supervisory Union

340 Mad River Park, Suite 7

Our Mission:

Central office administrators, school administrators, and school board members work together to ensure that every school and community in WWSU provides each student with the learning opportunities needed for them to develop their potential and to gain the knowledge, skills, and attributes necessary to be productive citizens.

To accomplish this mission,we:
- Establish curriculum, instruction, and assessments that are aligned to Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities and Grade Level Expectations and guide what students learn across our schools.
- Promote and sustain a climate where school board members support administrators and teachers as they work together across schools and communities to implement the curriculum, instruction, and assessments across schools.
- Advocate across districts on issues of educational significance that affect our common work.
- Employ financial and human resource systems that are accountable and result in adequate financial and human resources to implement our programs.
- Encourage families and community members with opportunities to actively engage in supporting student learning across schools.
- Monitor and report on our success based on our students' academic and social accomplishments and active engagement in learning.