Wattsburg Area School District

10782 Wattsburg Road

Mission :

The Wattsburg Area School District challenges all students with rigorous, individualized instruction provided by a caring staff.

Vision :

The Wattsburg Area School District is dedicated to all of our students. We envision schools that provide the foundation for life-long learning, with a clear, collaborative focus on education. We see a district where the community works hand-in-hand to help all students excel academically and socially. We will accomplish this vision through a diverse and challenging curriculum, presented in a rigorous fashion, by a dedicated staff. As we continue to provide individualized instruction and the latest technology, we see our students benefiting from an education that excites as well as encourages success. We will proudly promote our accomplishments and be recognized as educational leaders, not only within, but also beyond our community. We visualize schools with outstanding, inviting, safe facilities, where everyone will grow and develop as valued members of an ever-changing, global society.


Timothy Hedderman

Saturday, June 30, 2018