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W.D. Williams Elementary School

161 Bee Tree Road

W.D Williams was originally called Swannanoa Elementary School. Swannanoa Elementary was housed for many years across the street from W. D. Williams present location. During that time it was a K-8 school, due to overcrowding the county built a new high school. This allowed for the 6-8 grades in the Owen district to use the old high school as the new Owen Middle School. Shortly after 6-8 grades had made their move a new Swannanoa Elementary was built. In 1980 Swannanoa Elementary moved buildings to what is today W.D. Williams.

School Mission Statement:

W.D. Williams creates the educational foundation for continual growth so that our students will lead productive lives.

School Belief Statement:

1. Administrators, teachers, parents, community, as well as the students share responsibility for learning.
2. Students learn best when actively involved.
3. Students learn and develop at different rates.
4. Students learn best when exposed to and engaged in real life experiences.
5. High expectations are key to student success.
6. All students should feel physically safe and emotionally secure in the school setting.
7. Instructional diversity is necessary to address students' individual learning styles.
8. Students' cultural diversity should be valued.
9. Students are the focus of teacher time and energy.
10. At W.D. Williams, students come first.